WA Humanitarian Organization Act

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WA Humanitarian Organization Act

Post  Great Eurussia on Mon Apr 15, 2013 11:30 am

Authored by the United States of Europe


The WA Humanitarian Organization is an organization of a humanitarian voluntary, controlled by the Security Council to be headquartered in Moscow, Eurussia.

Section 1) General Secretary

The Secretary-General is the head of the organization. This is in front of the Security Council and in front of third parties. Presides over the meetings of the Defense Council, cares for the resolutions and orders of the day, and is elected by the members of the Board on a monthly basis. Only one member of the board can become Secretary.

Section 2) General Assembly

The General Assembly is the organ legislative and administrative of the organization. It is responsible for its management and its coordination. Operational functions NOT belong to the Assembly. The Assembly also elects the Secretary General and  shall meet once a month, save in exceptional cases. The organ is formed by various representatives of the member countries, and legislates the form of resolutions. A resolution can be supported by a member of the Assembly, the Secretary and a member of the third party for as long as it is supported by at least one member.

Section 3) Regional Situation Room

The Regional Situation Room is the operational arm of the organization. Are part of the same members of the Assembly and is located in the same building. Will meet only in exceptional cases, when the region was hit by a severe crisis which can range from humanitarian emergencies to natural disasters. This organ is used to coordinate the efforts of various countries and the Organisation for crisis resolution.

Section 4) Territorial Sections

The Territorial Sections are located in the capitals of the various member nations. These are the points of contact between the organization and the governments of various nations. In these centers are also home to the Rapid Deployment Force, and also act as a central operations.

Section 5) Rapid Deployment Forces

Rapid Deployment Forces are the real backbone of the organization, as are the forces involved in the first line. They depend on the General Assembly and in times of crisis are managed by the Regional Situation Room. These are formed by all the bodies of civil protection agencies of member countries. They can also become a part of the voluntary associations of member countries. Rapid Deployment Forces are divided into sections:

* Materials Section
* Medical Section
* Fire Section
* Air Section
* Maritime Section
* Construction Section
* Logistics Section
* Engineering Section
* Land Section

Section 6) Special Structures

The organization also has special facilities, managed by the General Assembly:

* Solidarity Fund
* Regional Warning System

Section 7) General Tasks

The organization intervenes when in any of the states in the region will present a crisis due to natural causes or a humanitarian crisis. Speakers for this purpose are the RD Forces.

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