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(FULL) WA International News Network

Post  Great Eurussia on Sun Dec 15, 2013 12:00 am

The World Alliance International News Network is open to any World Alliance member to post their news feeds and share to others their views on roleay international arena! Specifically, news must be something international and that of affects other nations here in the World Alliance!

It is expected that "International News" will never be neglected after being read as these form of news would trigger reaction from other nations! But it is encouraged that "International News" would create multiple reactions and rebuttals as news will also affect other nations!

Go for WA International News!!!

As Eurussia brings WAAF Intervention to Farshonia as a tacit move to distance itself on the bloody conflict now turned civil war despite heavy WAAF & WAPF Joint Neutralization in the country, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sergei Lavrov, has revealed that Farshonian Emperor John, during the Diamond Jubilee, has confided with the government on his troubles on his realm but refused to provide any details. The Foreign Minister also disclosed that Juan Beltran of the Farshonian Freedom Movement has sent correspondence to Moscow but refused to confirm if the group is asking for support. Anyhow, he said that both sides perfectly knows the position of Eurussia, at the moment, and that it is to hold formal dialogue representing the monarchy and the freedom movement, with or without a ceasfire, in Moscow, exclusive to the three parties alone where Eurussia will serve as the mediator for the two warring sides.
And despite not saying nor hinting which group it supports, Foreign Minister Lavrov said all parties must reach an amicable solution that is acceptable to both parties which they will co-equally existing in Farshonian society. Analysts said that Eurussia is in a advantageous position to mediate as the Farshonian Imperial Family maintains close ties with the Eurussian Imperial Family while the Farshonian Freedom Movement is supportive of Eurussia in the stabilization of the their country.

The Ministry of Defense said that after the sinking of threw hostile Akauni frigates by the Imperial Navy, it is closely coordinating with the Lonbonia  Government in Kunera on the next moves as the Akauni insurgents are now concentrated on lands. The ministry revealed that it might launch an invasion in support of Queen Alicia.

The Eurussian Embassy in New Texania has issued a statement congratulating the election of George Call as the first democratically elected President of the Republic of Beland after the bloody Texanian Civil War. It also said that the Eurussian Government remains committed in all the redevelopment efforts of the affected areas.

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Re: (FULL) WA International News Network

Post  Federation of Antanares on Sun Dec 15, 2013 2:23 am


Car accidents near Arcadia; new theater season in Velikogovolka; confirmed the new film about the history of Antanares, written and directed by John Jackson; new satellite in orbit for the GPS system; lunar base require more money to expand; announced the position of a planet similar to Earth

Deployed new task force in Farshonia
Economy of Antanares one of the firsts in the WA

Continue the action of Antanaresian Forces in the WAAF-SECURS joint operation to fight against the rebellions movement that hit Farshonia in the last months. The government assure a massive intervention in the operation, to help the local population to retrieve the lost peace. The government sent, with the main forces, volunteers of the Red Cross to build camps to deploy medical assistance and supplies to the population. Also, the Ministry of Defense announced the deploy in the region of a Task Forces, composed by special forces of the three part of the army. The goals of the task forces are to fight behind enemy line with a total support from the main division deployed and search the main leaders of the rebellions movement, crack them down and eliminate all the menaces to the population and the foreign forces. According to voices, the task force would be composed by four squads of the 12th Special Operative, helicopters of the 44th Air Division "Night Hawk", ships from the 7th Fleet and two mobile armors squadron, that would provide to an additional mobility and firepower to the entire task force.

Soldier in Farshonia

Meanwhile, continue for the economy of Antanares a really fast growth. The arms manufacturing confirm its power, earning the first position for importance in the entire World Alliance. All the main camps of the second and the third sectors of the economy are considered the best in the world Alliance. The country provide to develop technology in every kind of camps. From the industries of Arcadia and Cape Wolf come new weapons, vehicles, common objects for the everyday needs. The economy of Antanares represent the power of one of the most developed and powerful nation in the entire World Alliance.

Parnassus City, one of the symbol of the develop of Antanares and of its future.

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Re: (FULL) WA International News Network

Post  New Tarajan on Sun Dec 15, 2013 2:39 am

SECURS standing against new offensives
New plan announced, while supporting WAAF operations
New Tarajan invites Eurussia to work together
NZ PM awarded by the King

The SECURS Task Force in Farshonia continues to succeed in its mission, despite the new difficulties arisen after the death of the Silva Family and the birth of two new factions in the war-ravaged country.
The joint forces of New Tarajan, Antanares, Aloia and Atletius, indeed, are continuing to jeep their position against the recent offensives brought against them particularly by the Farshonian Freedom Movement and the Nazi rebels under the flag of the Rodriguez Family. An huge assault against the capital city of Rome is actually being handled by the SECURS and WAAF forces, together with the loyalist army: with the superior firepower, training, and technological level of the SECURS forces, the battle is expected to end soon with the defeat of the rebels. Together with many land divisions, special forces teams and air squadrons, SECURS deployed also some Mobile Suits teams from the Antanaresian and Tarajani contingent, and also the RHIELD skycarrier Metternich is actually protecting the skies of Rome.

SECURS troops during a side-operation in the defense of Rome.

But the best defense is to attack, and at the SECURS High command everybody is well aware of this. Thus, the Task Force is already operating a series of surgical attacks on many hot spots and critical strategic points, particularly supporting the WAAF operations.
The coordination between the SECURS and the WAAF is, indeed, virtually perfect, and the two Commands are working in strict collaboration in order to identify and neutralize the main threats posed by the rebel groups and finally stabilize the situation. The battle in Barcelona, for example, is seeing a strong aerial support of SECURS contingents to the WAAF troops.
But SECURS decided also to use another important card to play: indeed, the Tarajani government, on behalf of the Organization, announced that a new plan will be soon implemented in Farshonia. While military operations will continue in order to ensure the safety of the most part of the country, SECURS will create Safe Zones alla arounde the Empire, which will be the nevralgic centres fo an entire series of humanitarian missions, aimed to help the population, distributing food, medicines and supplies, and helping reconstructing the areas already liberated, in combination with the deployment of expert diplomats to help negotiate with the single factions. A huge effort, with the goal to help Farshonia not falling down in the abyss of civil war; and also a way to fight what is the main reason of every civil war: lack of trust.

SECURS troops preparing for a new mission.

SECURS soldiers delivering supplies to a Farshonian village.

A SECURS soldier healing a Farshonian kid.

The government of New Tarajan is also deeply involved in a series of diplomatic efforts to help settle the disputes between the Farshonian Freedom Movement and the White Army. An effort began already days ago, with the aim to make possible an alliance between the two factions in order to fight the common Nazi enemy and to support the new government and dynasty in Rome. Tarajani diplomats are working 24/7 in order to make possible a first meeting between the representatives of the two factions.
And after the recent announcement from Moscow of an attempt of mediation of the Eurussian government, the Royal Council issued a note in order to "invite Eurussia to work together with us in the resolution of this delicate issue."
"Eurussia could play a critical role in helping boosting our diplomatic efforts toward a peaceful resolution of this conflict" continued the note: "But only if it decides to cooperate, avoiding isolated, single, actions, which could only create further chaos in a destabilized situation. New Tarajan launched a call for negotiations, with the SECURS as guarantor, already days ago: our government would be pleased if Moscow decides to join these efforts, for the sake of the Farshonian people and for all the lives at stake."

The Palace of Government in Astana, seat of the Royal Council.

Meanwhile, King Friederick Wilhelm officially awarded Prime Minister Williams of New-Zealand with the title of Knight of Grand Cross of the Royal Holy Order of the Golden Tower, one of the most ancient and prestigious knightly orders of New Tarajan and of the world, which membership is reserved only to people with exceptional merits.
And, indeed, it is for an exceptional merit that this award came, during the three-days official visit Williams is doing in New Tarajan: the King decided to award the Prime Minister as a reward for the incredible, huge efforts operated by New-Zealand in Sylvania, the area of Texania given to Social-Democracy during the civil war.
"New-Zealand has done a terrificly good job in Sylvania" said the King: "Instead of thinking about conquering and annexing regions, the Social Democracy thought about how to aid the population, to boost the economy, to build infrastructures. This is how a great nation behaves, and for this reason, I feel myself almost obliged to give to such a good friend, not only of New Tarajan, but of Mankind as a whole, this small award."

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Re: (FULL) WA International News Network

Post  Lonbonia on Sun Dec 15, 2013 9:47 am


Queen Alicia after wearing army uniform.

In order to inspire her troops, Her Majesty Queen Alicia of Lonbonia, has deided to take a risky action by willing to kill herself for the sake of Lonbonia by joining the Army, she was soon promoted to lieutenant by her desire, which let her in control of the LSAF situated in the Northestern Peninsula, this surprised the entire military, including the commander of it, Alexander Morgans.

This action was a pure inspiration for the LSAF and the Lonbonian citizens, which made her even more loved around the kingdom, and more despised by the Akaunuan seperatists.

She was shortly interviewed on why she joined the army, her only reply is this.

"I'm doing this for my husband, for his country, and for my fate."


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Re: (FULL) WA International News Network

Post  Farshonian Empire on Sun Dec 15, 2013 1:16 pm


Juan Beltran , Freedom Movement leader rejects any peace talks that involve the group.
Pedro Dronsecolli , White Army or Whites leader also rejects the peace talks.

"The dispute between the 2 groups is really hard to solve unless we will change the laws and the Nazis". A senator suggest the emperor but he reject this.



(In Rome)

The Freedom side cause 30 000 deaths while the Armed Forces lose only 3 000 due to their excellent training and equipment and the civilian casualties were 50 789 due to mortar bombardments and artillery.The Freedom rebels is retreating to Western Front.

(Near Rome)

The forests and plains is a huge battlefield and the Freedom began to use tanks they captured from raiding military bases in Western Front.Approximately 700 tanks are being used in this places but the advance divisions of military can easily handle this tanks.Another 70 000 rebels plus tanks trying to advance in Rome.Constantinople is defended from Whites but after the long fight from Freedom Movement , the largest city of empire 


(In Barcelona)

Whites , Armed Forces , WAAF and SECURS unite to advance in Barcelona.Estimated 50 000 rebels are guarding the isolated city.Allies successfully captured Barcelona and the rebels surrender.Casualties were estimated total 100 000 including allied and civilian.

(Near Barcelona and IMR)

[White Army's technical in IMR]

Whites only defend the group of metropolitan called IMR.Whites side strength are : 200 000 and they have poor training and equipment and have 500 technical machine gunners while the Freedom side are : 100 000 and have .Near the Barcelona , the Freedom rebels captured many villages and towns and they use them as a base.


[Armed Forces in the border]

(Borders of Arveyres)

The poor equipment divisions in the west including the police make their last stand in there.They fight total 500 000 Freedom rebels while the armies in there are only 40 000.They start to fortified border guard posts in case the rebels attack them.Many of them start to low in supplies and food.

[Whites shooting Freedom rebels in a village of Mt. Zeus] 

(Mountains in West)

This time 400 000 Freedom rebels attack every mountain villages but they are weak in cold areas many of them die from hypothermia so this is a very big change that the Armed Forces will defeat them easily.

[Freedom Rebels in Rio de Janiero]

(Latin cities)

Many cities are now under control of Freedom rebels.They are weaken to European bombardment but they are still strong in terms of numbers , have better equipment than their main enemies , the White Army.The Whites mainly defend this cities and a little support from allies.But they rapidly defeated and retreated to the mountains.


[Armed Forces fired mortars in Nazis position]

(Southern plains)

The Nazis are very strong enemies in the civil war , over 9 000 Armed Forces are KIA but they mostly captured the plains.About only 3 000 Nazis are KIA but after the capture of the plains.The Nazis planned to recapture the plains again by using 1 000 tanks and 70 000 rebels.


[Farshonian Air Forces in the desert]

Many Whites are fallen under the Nazis hands.Many take them to POW camps.About 300 000 Whites are currently defend the desert while the Armed Forces also commence a offensive against the Nazi by sending total 500 000 forces.


(The sea)

700 frigates from Freedom Movement are build to crush Allied navy.But this front is not a main problem of Farshonian government.The West and South is.


The bloody naval battle occurred in this lake about 1 000 Farshonian Navy are in there while battling the 1 000 frigates and 5 destroyer.

Strength in every rebels or the Armed Forces. 

Farshonian Armed Forces : 1 600 000
White Army : 2 000 700
Freedom Movement : 4 000 320
Nazi Party of Farshonia : 700 000

" />" />

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European news / WAAF,WAHO & WAPF news

Post  United States of Europe on Sun Dec 15, 2013 11:07 pm

Carry out offensive operations of the WAAF, news from the front lines
New victories against the Nazis, advancements in Barcelona and in front of the west, the city of Rome is safe
Come the logistic teams of the WAHO to bring humanitarian aid

A drone of the WAAF (of European descent) conducts air strikes against armored vehicles of the enemies
Continue to receive fresh news from all fronts, where he continues to relentlessly fight and shoot.
Stands out among all the rest, however, the decision of the various rebel factions to reject the dialogue and continue to fight, even creating chaos and destruction.
In a statement released to the international press,the World Alliance Armed Forces (WAAF) and the World Alliance Police Force (WAPF) said they were "amazed at all for the waste" and claimed that "the only mode of communication that the rebels know is brute force, that we will use a broad scale, given the circumstances".
Both organizations stress that "the sole purpose is to defend the population of Farshonia, and restore peace and democracy".
But, first things first, and analyze the situation, area by area.

Roman front: The city is safe, the rebels in retreat

Vehicles of the WAAF (of European descent) advance into enemy territory
The defensive organization operated by the two organizations and by allied forces (Farshonia and SECURS) was efficient and, above all, effective.
The rebels were unable to break even the first lines of defense, and the fire incalate ally, began to retreat.
At that point, thanks to the deadly air raids and accurate artillery fire, the ground forces began a hard and fast counter-attack, which soon led to all the outlying areas under the permanent control of the WAAF and allies.

In areas close to Rome, the rebels were finally defeated.
Despite the wide availability of armored vehicles, the victory was relatively obvious.
The forces of the organization were superior technologically, equipment and vehicles with far more advanced and efficient.
In addition, the support plane (operated by "F-18", "F-16" and Tonado fighters, but also by some drones and "C-130 Spectre") has inflicted heavy losses, wreaking havoc behind enemy lines.
The enemy teams remained were unable to withdraw neatly, and you are simply delivered spontaneously, or dispersed throughout the territory ceasing to fight.
The wounded of the enemies are receiving the treatment they need, while the prisoners are being sorted out in the prisons of the country.
Now the main tasks include the stabilization of the areas acquired through regular patrols and reconnaissances.

Finally, the WAAF has denied the figures on the number of civilian deaths, tacciandole as propaganda spread by the rebels.
In fact, civilians were sorted into specially protected areas, especially by anti-missile systems: then it would have been impossible to hit them with mortars or other means.
Official sources do not report civilian casualties.

Southern front: New victories against the rebels Nazis

Forces of the WAAF (of European descent) advance into enemy territory
There are new updates in the front opened in the south of the country, against the Nazis.
Air strikes, operated by "F-18", "F-16" ,"Tornado" an "A-10" fighter-bombers are hitting the infrastructure, such as roads, railways and power lines.
Moreover, these attacks are inflicting severe blows to the mechanized forces and operational bases of the enemy.
The artiglirie and missile defense systems of the enemies are collapsing.
In this way the enemy logistical and organizational difficulties do nothing but increase in number and intensity.

Behind enemy lines, addestratissime teams in the WAAF are effetuando sabotage in order to weaken the enemy's war potential.

Strengthened by these events, the ground forces advancing rapidly across the front line, inflicting serious damage to the Nazi forces: many operating bases have been conquered, and many are on the verge of falling.
The overwhelming air superiority is a key factor in the victory, but also the best organizational skills and superior preparedness of the force of the WAAF is crucial.
The technological superiority of equipment and vehicles of the WAAF also cancels the enemy's war potential.

By now the enemy forces, without the possibility of supply or movement, with a potential war far less than the WAAF, are exhausted.

Front of Barcelona: Barcelona is taken, the enemy forces are collapsing

Forces of the WAAF (of European descent) advance into enemy territory
Air strikes, accurate and relentless, supported by naval missile raid, they did collapse the enemy forces present in Barcelona.
The destruction of infrastructure, mainly roads, highways and railways, letteraralmente has blocked the possibility of replenishment and movement of enemies.
In addition, the raids have destroyed most of the enemy vehicles, and greatly weakened defense systems, such as missile systems, artillery, operating bases or simple roadblocks.

At that point, the ground forces, technologically superior, better trained and more mechanized, they began to advance rapidly, capturing district after district, to the last.
The enemy losses were heavy, and there were no part of the WAAF and allies (SECURS and Farshonia).
Many enemies have surrendered, and Stano being transferred to prisons in the nation.
Now the operations dealing with the stabilization of the territory, with patrols, rimonzione rubble and mine clearance.

Now the forces are carrying out attacks against the rebels present in the surrounding areas, and we are already reaping the benefits, with rapid advances into enemy territory.
However, these stories are still too recent to have a clear picture.

Western front: New advances against rebels

A squadron of the WAAF (of European origin) affect strategic enemies
Naval attacks and airstrikes continue to target strategic points, particularly infrastructure and lines of communication, so that the rebels can stock up.
Attacks are also directed against the operational bases, which are structural capacity to the extreme, and mechanized forces, which are undergoing serious damage.
This applies to both the central mountains for the Latin cities.

Ground forces of the WAAF, thanks to naval and air support, the overwhelming technological and organizational, the greater the preparation and great mechanization, advance rapidly.
Many Latin cities have already been recaptured and others are giving, while recording withdrawn enemy also and especially in the mountains.

Start the flow of humanitarian aid of the WAHO

Logistics forces of of the WAHO deliver humanitarian aid
Given the increasing difficulties in maintaining the civilian population, the World Alliance Humanitarian Organization (WAHO) has initiated a steady flow of humanitarian aid to the area.
This aid, which consist of food, medicine and basic necessities, will be delivered through the logistic forces, and then through the vast fleets of cargo aircraft ("C-17" and "C-130 Hercules") and transport ships.
From there, the aid will pass under the control of government forces, of the SECURS and of the WAAF, who then distribute them to the population.
Humanitarian aid will be distributed at the point where it was gathered the civilian population, and in all the territory, will be established delivery points fixed.
No citizen will be abandoned.

The flows are continuous and constant, and enough to sustain the entire population, so as to prevent humanitarian crises.
The of the WAHO has not intervened directly for obvious security risks for humanitarian workers, but its support is crucial.

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Re: (FULL) WA International News Network

Post  Aloia on Mon Dec 16, 2013 12:05 am


Francisco Fernandez, Vice Chancellor of the Imperial Union of Aloia and Genolia

SAN FRANCISCO, Aloia == Vice Chancellor Francisco Fernandez threatened the withdrawl of Aloian troops and forces in Farshonia if the White Party and Freedom Movement won't cooperate. Aloia was one of the first nations to intervene in the Farshonian civil war, and this announcement comes after both the White Party and Freedom Movement have declared that they will not participate in peace talks to try to end the civil war in Farshonia.

Aloia hopes other nations will support their move.

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Ireland News

Post  Ireland on Mon Dec 16, 2013 7:09 am

Irish Car industry growing
Earlier today all the cars sales were counted for the year 2013 and here they are.

Nissan Sales:
Nissan employs 6,000 people and has sold 20,000 cars since November 15, 2013 when it was founded. Nissan employs the one of the least amount of people with 60,000 workers.The most that is employed is by Chevrolet with 10,000

Chevrolet Sales:
Since its founding on November 3 1911 has sold 5,000,000 cars the second most amount. they employ 10,000 workers.They are the largest car company in Ireland and the 3rd largest overall company.

Volkswagen Sales:
Volkswagen is the smallest company in Ireland with only 900 workers and 5,000 car sales. There most famous being the Beetle.

BMW sales:
BMW is Ireland's main luxury car producer. They are the 2nd largest car company with 9,000 workers and 1.5 Million Car Sales. The average BMW cost 80,000 Euros.

Space Fleet reaches moon
Last night it was reported that the Space Fleet landed on the moon. They stayed for 6 Hours then set sail again. We are not to be expected to hear from them for another 2 Weeks.

Higgins appoints Alan Shatter as MOD
To better form the Irish government Emperor Higgins appointed many Ministers. Alan Shatter was one he is the new Minister of Defense for Ireland. The other Ministers were Eamon Gilmore Minister of Foreign Affairs and Ruairi Quinn as Minister of Education.

Alan Shatter Minister of Defence

Eamon Gilmore Minister of Foreign Affairs

Ruairi Quinn Minister of Education

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Re: (FULL) WA International News Network

Post  New-Zealand on Mon Dec 16, 2013 11:40 am

NZ Economy Strides Forward Thanks To Key Deals

The New Chrysler Police Cars On Duty in New Tarajan

Thanks to some key deals, the Social Democracy has upped its game and now adorns a healthy trade surplus of $41 Billion and a GDP of $16 Trillion. A few of the key deals come from some of NZ's main trading partners. For example, New Tarajan (New-Zealand's largest trading partner) signed a deal with Chrysler Motors to have the Police force of New Tarajan supplied with Chrysler vehicles. Similarly, many duchies of Great Eurussia (New-Zealand's second largest trading partner) have signed deals to have Chrysler and Dodge supply their local police forces. However, back to New Tarajan, Chrysler Group sales have skyrocketed there, with the Chrysler group's sales growing by 20% in New Tarajan last month, followed by another 15% this month. However, all aspects of Trade with New Tarajan have grown exponentially in the past few months, as the "Made in New-Zealand" stamp is now being associated with unwavering reliability and durability, due to the stringent safety regulations the Social Democracy has employed over the years, and thus corporations like Alcatel (Predominantly a cellphone manufacturer and network provider) are experiencing great sales in New Tarajan along with many other NZ Appliance companies like Fisher&Paykel. Both the private and public sector of New-Zealand are finding New Tarajan to be a stronghold market that is extremely crucial to the New-Zealand economy. Meanwhile, New Tarajan is likewise finding New-Zealand to be a key market, as due to the extremely oppressive mining laws in NZ that basically stop all mining before it starts, the Social Democracy is left importing 63% of all it's raw materials from New Tarajan, nevertheless the New Tarajan economy did slip further to a trade deficit of $96 Billion, but rumours do state that the Social Democracy is advising New Tarajan to pull out of the Customs Union in an effort to combat this issue. 

Another key market for the Social Democracy is The Empire of Great Eurussia, who is widely renowned as the world's largest consumer market, a key playing field for the Social Democracy. In recent months, ever since the start of this year, the Social Democracy has been getting close to Great Eurussia, and as a result it's trade has been greatly benefitted. Great Eurussia currently stands as the Social Democracies largest trading partner, current trends show it rapidly catching up to New Tarajan. Great Eurussia is a market that NZ has managed to catch surprisingly easily, with trade between the two flourishing. Ever since the Social Democracy helped Great Eurussia build Hydrogen Fussion plants that virtually halved the price of electricity, and put an end to the need for a phase electricity distribution system due to Eurussia's electricity production now running in excess, many Eurussians have begun to see New-Zealand as a sort of "younger brother" to the Empire. Reciprocally many New-Zealanders see Eurussian as an older brother, and New Tarajan as a best friend. Chrysler group sales seem to be picking up quite rapidly in Eurussia, with Fiat (A Eurrussian manufactured subsidiary) taking off in terms of both revenue and sales. 

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Re: (FULL) WA International News Network

Post  Lonbonia on Mon Dec 16, 2013 12:49 pm


King Leon II of Lonbonia

With alot of the loyal Lonbonian population desiring for a king to rule with Queen Alicia of Lonbonia, Crown Prince Leon II has decided to take up King Trivali's throne for his new term, the major population had some arguments on whether Leon II should rule as a king or remain crown prince, but he was already coronated, and the argument was shortly dismissed.

King Leon II has reacted to the war in a very unique way. He has said that he and Queen Alicia agreed to divide the country into West and East, although the split country will still be under the same government and same law, only with different rulers and different armies, which may give Lonbonia a better chance of good coordination, the population has protested to the situation, but with better explanation, less are being against the plan, and it has successfully passed on. The main capital city of the split nation will be Kunera.

Map of the Civil War, Eastern Lonbonia is under Queen Alicia, Western Lonbonia is under King Leon II, the army of Western Lonbonia is in light blue, Western-Lonbonia occupied areas in dark yellow.

This movement outraged the Akaunuan Republic, while Jonathan Williams, the self-proclaimed president of Akauni, continues to threaten Eurussia with war, as said by Lonbonian Intelligence.


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Re: (FULL) WA International News Network

Post  Farshonian Empire on Mon Dec 16, 2013 6:29 pm



The Nazi brutal offensives to east where 2 nuclear silo bases are now captured by them.The Nazis has no match to Armed Forces and Whites due that the blitzkrieg strategy of Nazis can quickly defeat them.

Pedro Dronsecolli now accept peace talks due to several defeats from Nazis and Freedom Movement that lose their morale.

According to Farshonian Intelligence , the personnel and scientist in 2 nuclear silo bases is being brutally killed by the Nazis for no reason.They also hostage some scientist for the launch code.Their targets are the capital of Europe , New Tarajan and Aloia.

Economy of the empire slowly cripple , many jobs were lost and the empire will soon began to decline.The government try to grow it but the thousand of lost of jobs can create a violent actions , increase of unemployment and even another riots.


The Freedom Movement is now retreating and never attack again.So the Allies were victory.


The Barcelona and it's outskirts is now Allied control due that the Freedom Movement rebels surrender.The Allies again were victory.


(Battle of Farshonia-Arveyres Border)

This battle is a turning point of the Western Front , the enemy suffered heavily loses while the Armed Forces only have moderate casualties.This makes Freedom Movement severely weaken.Because of this , the Rio de Janeiro is now Allied control.

(Mountains of West and Brasilia)

The victorious Whites and Armed Forces in southwest advance north to capture Brasilia , one of the largest cities of the empire was under Freedom Movement control.The Freedom Movement also suffered very heavily casualties than their enemy only suffered light casualties.

(Coast of Latin)

Many major coastal cities like Buenas Aires are captured by Farshonian Armed Forces supported by European Navy and Air Force.The army suffered many loses (like D-day) and also the Freedom rebels.They have plenty of equipment and defenses in the coast.


(Freedom rebels vs Nazi Party of Farshonia)

The Nazi expands both east and west.The Nazi betrays the Freedom Movement then they attack the rebel faction.

(Southern Plains)

The Allied including the Whites to stop Nazi offensive to south.The Nazis in here are 100 000 strong while the Allied is 500 000 (most Whites).The battle in this isolated plains is an obvious victory of the Allies.

(East Desert)

The Nazis focused in the desert because most nuclear silos are located somewhere in the desert.As far as you know , the Nazis start to recruit civilians there if they didn't fight for them then they will be killed.


The Allied Navy is victory in this front.


The Farshonian Navy is victory in this front.

OOC : Oh please the White Army or Whites is a pro-Farshonian movement fighting against the Nazis and it's arch-enemy the Freedom Movement.They support the army and the allies too.Though they are very weak.And this time , the Nazis betray the Freedom Movement thus they fight each other.

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Cheyennian News

Post  United Newellian Fed on Mon Dec 16, 2013 10:08 pm



The Cheyennian Federation has vowed to make up for its mistakes in the Newellian Civil war, having denounced former leader Cheyenne Regina, the new president Samantha Mayfeild has promised to reconcile with Newellia. "The world should not fear us, for we are now peaceful" said Samantha.


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Re: (FULL) WA International News Network

Post  Rebel forces Newellia on Mon Dec 16, 2013 10:19 pm


Vice President Michael Lewis called out the Cheyennian Government in a statement that "their sins are unforgivable" The new president Cody Kyle, however, has attempted to open up diplomatic relations with the Cheyenne Federation, saying that "we can never forget, but we can forgive.

Meanwhile the Newellian Navy is expanding to 500,000.

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Re: (FULL) WA International News Network

Post  New Tarajan on Mon Dec 16, 2013 10:56 pm

Peace talks on Farshonia open in Astana
SECURS prepares to take back the occupied silos
New Tarajan sends fleet to Lonbonia

After the recent developments in the situation in Farshonia, New Tarajan, in strict cooperation with the imperial government, officially launched the first round of peace talks. The meetings, officially called Peace Talks on Farshonia, will be held in Astana, the capital city of the Kingdom.
"This is a great moment, now we have the opportunity to finally find a solution to save Farshonia from this bloodshed" said Minister for Foreign Affairs Jan Van Egeland-Sondenburg, giving the announcement during a press conference: "Every relevant actor of this crisis has been invited, and both our government and the Farshonian one have great hopes in the possible outcome of these meetings."
The Royal Council officially invited to the Peace Talk all the members of SECURS actually involved in the civil war (Antanares, Aloia and Atletius), Europe (as representative of the WAAF), the Farshonian government and the White Army, the pro-Tarajan faction which accepted the proposal of peace talks launched by the Tarajani government in the immediate aftermath of the beginning of the SECURS intervention in the country. The pro-Eurussian Freedom Movement, instead, refused to participate, even if recent outcomes in the military situation (with the Movement attacked by both Nazis, their previous allies, and the allied forces) may lead to a new position of its leadership toward the talks.
Many analysts expressed great hopes for these meetings, which will have a difficult mission, but already demonstrate the decisive role played by SECURS and New Tarajan in the resolution of a crisis.
"New Tarajan is demonstrating a great commitment toward keeping peace and order in the world" commented Prof. Van Der Waltzer, famous scholar of International Relations at the Royal Diplomatic Academy "Nobody can deny it. Another demonstration of how nobody can accuse Astana to follow a warmongering path."

The Palace of Government in Astana, where the Peace Talks will take place.

Meanwhile, on the military front, the SECURS forces are continuing to aid the WAAF mission during its main operations against the Nazis. Also, the White Army, which decided to side with the allied forces, is being reorganized, with the aim to integrate its personnel inside the Farshonian Imperial Army, thus helping boost the war efforts against the Nazis and the Freedom Movement.
The SECURS Task Force is also launching a new series of strikes against many outpost and installations of the enemy. But, the main concern now is the holding, by the Nazis, of two nuclear silos, and the threat to use the warheads against the capital cities of the countries which decided to intervene in the civil war.
A joint special team of RHIELD and ASSIS, based on the skycarrier Metternich is ready to take back the silos with a surgical covert operation. Both the organizations are extremely well trained and technological advanced to carry out exactly this type of missions. However, to prevent possible dangers, New Tarajan has already activated the Space Shield, the incredibly sophisticated anti-missile system, which give to the Kingdom a virtual invulnerability against any kind of missile attack.

Also, the Royal Council decided to send a fleet in Lonbonia, to aid the Kingdom in its fight againt the self-proclaimed independent Akauni Republic. The decision came after an official request from the Lonbonian government. Actually, the 2th Fleet is en route toward Lonbonia, also carrying new equipment and supplies for the Lonbonian Army, together with a contingent of Tarajani forces.

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European news / WAAF & WAPF news

Post  United States of Europe on Tue Dec 17, 2013 1:20 am

Updates from operations in Farshonia
New advances against rebels and the Nazis, belittled the nuclear threat
Europe takes part in the peace talks, the White armies integrated into regular military units

A naval squadron of the WAAF during military operations
Military operations of World Alliance Armed Forces, in coordination with the SECURS more than perfect and the government forces of Farshonia.
As we know, the formidable defenses of the organization have allowed substantial closing of the Front of Rome, with a landslide victory.
Equally closed on Front of Barcelona, ​​with the complete liberation of the city and surrounding areas, while reporting huge advances in the West Front.

Meanwhile, the Nazis, taking advantage of the weakening of the defenses by guerrilla allies, they set foot in the desert plants.
We'll see how he acted the WAAF to fight this enemy.
In the context qiesto, New Tarajan initiated peace talks, which had suffered the full participation of the European Government.
But we see this more in detail.

The WAAF start the replacement of the units with fresh forces, increased the total forces deployed in Farshonia

A C-130 of the WAAF (of European descent) carries supplies in an operational base
Obviously the conflict, although it has recently seen the involvement of regional organizations, is harsh and violent.
All this, even if the successes are many, that does not wear down the forces, lowering the morale of the troops and going to pace on the efficiency of equipment and vehicles.

For this reason it was decided a total replacement of the forces present in the country.
All units within the next few days, they will be dismissed and replaced in the basis of origin, at the same time will be replaced by cooler unit.
This work will increase the efficiency of replacement in the field, with men more motivated, with equipment and vehicles not worn and no longer useful.
And this covers both land forces, both air forces and both naval forces.
At the same time, will increase the total amount of units deployed in the country, by sending additional reinforcements.

The World Alliance Police Forces (WAPF), however, did not consider it necessary the replacement of the forces present in the country.

Started the process of integration of the White Armies in the regular forces of Farshonia

A trainer of WAPF (the soldier kneeling) conducts shot exercices for the allies guerrillas (the soldiers lying down, with the green uniform)
In the meantime, has started the process of integration between the Farshonian Armed Forces and the allies guerrillas (the White Armies).
This implies a process of reorganization and reorganization of the bands of guerrillas, mixed with arms supplies and training material.
At the Local authorities, the leaders of the White Armies have already reported all the components that are being tracked and recalled.

As for training, if they are occupying government forces and the WAPF.
These training courses to military techniques, courses in first aid and rescue courses for the use of simple equipment.
So basic training accelerated, given that there are times materials for complete and depth courses.

The reorganization carried out by government forces with the support of consultants WAPF, is a more complex process.
The bands of guerrillas are being structured in a rigid and stable, following the normal military structure of Farshonia.
At the same time, practical, psychological and clinical test are assessing the ability to combat of the guerrillas.
Only the most skilled will remain at the forefront, the other will end up in the rear or will simply be disarmed and demobilized.

As for the supply of arms, if they are occupying government forces with the support of specific units of the WAAF.
The rebels will be supplied ammunition, individual weapons and equipment, simple combat vehicles.
There is no mention, for the moment, heavy weapons or particularly advanced, but a lot of information about these operations are secret.

Western Front: Overwhelming victories against the rebels enemies

Infantry fighting vehicles of the WAAF (of European origin) are lined up in western front
There has been important progress in the face to the west of the country.
The rebels are now on its last legs, with reduced bone strength, without supplies or possibility of movement, spurred by the incessant raids of the WAAF.

In fact, the air raids and missile attacks from the fleet are operated decimento mechanized enemy forces and destroying (or weakening) the various strongholds.
The destruction of infrastructure connecting then blocked supplies, while the possibilities of movement are few and difficult.

At the same time, the ground forces attacking from all sides.
They are superior technologically, with vehicles and equipment much more modern and sophisticated than enemies.
The preparation of the soldiers is excellent, their unquestioned professionalism, while the mechanized forces are enormously.
In addition, there is the support of the fleet and the overwhelming air support.

The enemies are suffering heavy losses, while the WAAF is advancing rapidly.
One after the other cities are conquered, while strongholds collapse and surrender.
In this context, driven by low morale, the gueriglieri enemies lay their weapons, they stop fighting and damage to flee, while others give up and become spontaneously arrest by the forces of WAAF.
The sources say that the organization, as well skinned, enemy forces will stand still for a few hours.

Nazi Front: New offensive against the Nazis, other victories

A-10 and F-16, after refueling with a KC-135 Stratotanker, prepare to offensive actions against the Nazis. WAAF forces of European descent
Please note that news of a massive offensive by the Nazis in the desert (news already reported by government sources in Farshonia).
The rumor is true, because that area was poorly defended by the WAAF and allies (SECURS and Farshonia), which were taken aback.
However, there were no major battles, but it was just a strategically planned and orderly retreat.

In the meantime, keep the air raids conducted by "F-16" and "F-18" fighter, with "Tornado" and "A-10" fighter-bombers.
In the area there is support of AWACS and KC-135 tanker aircraft, while several C-130 aircraft supporting the fighting.
There has been heavy damage to the enemy mechanized forces, and several strongholds were destroyed or seriously damaged by the raid.
The raids are hitting the connecting infrastructure, supplies and enemies have ceased in many areas, while others are strongly decreased.
At the same time, the possibility of movement dwindle.

The land forces attacked massively in all directions and advancing in a rapid and impetuous, inflicting serious damage to the enemy.
The Nazis quickly retreat, several strongholds have already fallen, while others are in the process of doing so.
Here too, the air superiority is a key factor, but also has technological superiority, the more preparation and organization.
In addition, the allied forces are more mechanized and equipped.
The opposite, however, is still open.

The WAAF minimizes the Nazi nuclear threats, while criticizing the actions of of Aloia

Patriot missile defense systems of the WAAF (of European descent) protect a strategic area
The organization has officially launched nuclear threats diminished by the Nazis.
First, because in the country has installed a powerful anti-missile network, composed of the defense systems (supplemented by naval and air forces) and the network of radar Farshonia.
Unlikely then the missiles would be able to overcome the airspace Farshonia.
In addition, the heads do not have a range that hit of Aloia and New Tarajan, while Europe (as we shall see) has already taken action.
But it is hard to even the Nazis manage to start them in the absence of suitable personnel and passwords for launch.
So this is not a serious threat.
In any case, the WAAF called on all nations to "take adequate security measures to prevent any risk".

In addition, the WAAF has criticized the actions that of Aloia is going to be put in place.
In fact, the country has threatened to withdraw its military contingent vital for operations, in the event that the two rebel factions decide not to cease fire.
In a statement, the organization reports that "The dialogue between the two rebel factions is impossible, since the Freedom Movement refuses to deal with. A movement that will collapse within a few hours. Abandon the conflict now would only leave the country in the hands of the Nazis , marking the end for the population. We invite of Aloia, our trusted ally, to rethink their actions".

Europe activates the strategic defenses to the nuclear threat,given the participation in peace talk

The submarine "Stockholm" European Navy, is part of the strategic defenses
The European Government, through release of the Ministry of Defense, did know that you have turned the strategic defenses for the new nuclear threat.
In all the areas included in the range of the missile was deployed a strong defensive system, consisting of the network radar and missile defense systems, including those of the naval fleet and of the air squadrons.
At the same time, in Farshonian Sea, was deployed an unspecified number of nuclear submarines with anti-ballistic warheads.
Europe is in fact safe from nuclear threat.

At the same time, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs gave official participation in peace talks organized by New Tarajan, as the official representative of the WAAF.
The Minister of Foreign Affairs and the diplomatic delegation are already traveling.

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